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CH Group offers life insurance to individuals, business owners and groups.

We all know how difficult it is to predict the future.  A life-changing event can happen at any moment.  That’s why life insurance policies are so important.  Life insurance policies are future financial planning tools. Every individual and family has a different situation, and each can benefit from life insurance.  Today’s life insurance policies offer a number of different options and tools that can be tailored to meet your individual or your family’s needs.

Just a few examples are:

  • a long term savings plan,
  • a form of long term care insurance,
  • a way to borrow money from your cash gains,
  • death benefits that can be used to pay estate taxes, pay off your home, provide college funding, or even donate to a charity you hold dear to your heart.

A life insurance policy is also a good business investment if you own a business with or without a partner(s),  giving you or the business the opportunity to purchase a partner(s) share of the business.   Incorporating a policy into a business gives it financial stability for the future.

Check out this link for real-life stories regarding life insurance.  http://www.lifehappens.org/videos/real-life-stories-videos/

Met-Life’s life insurance needs calculator can give you an idea of how much life insurance you may need for you or your family.  https://www.metlife.com/individual/insurance/life-insurance/life-insurance-needs-calculator/lic.html

or Use our Lincoln Financial life insurance PDF file.

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